• Fundraising General Offerings
    Major donor fundraising * Getting over the fear of the ask * Successful events and house parties * Membership fundraising * Developing a long-range major donor fundraising plan * How to get your board to fundraise * Developing a fundraising budget
  • Fundraising Major Donor Training Specialty Subjects
    Who do you ask * How do you ask * Getting over the fear of the ask * Successful fundraising visits with donors * The Close
  • Communications Trainings
    Communications planning for the long haul * Values Based communications * Elements of a successful message * Working with the media * Public speaking 101
  • Elections/Advocacy
    Developing a campaign plan * Lobbying 101 * Creating a shared coalition agenda * Evaluating your advocacy programs * Volunteer Recruitment * Candidate Recruitment * Effective Voter Contact * Elections and your 501c3 status * Effective Endorsement Processes

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